Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How can I get my hoops questions answered?

Each week we will answer your questions about coping with and compensating for such issues as wobbly knees and ankles, a slow first step, "ups" deficiency and thigh-level shorts. Please post your questions (along with your brief B-ball bio) in the comments section of this post and let Old School, Jeff and our avid, though elderly, readers help you.


Anonymous said...

how do i stop jeff's seemingly unstoppable "keep on head faking and twirling around until you finally give up and jump" maneuver he's been using against me for the last four years or so?

Anonymous said...

Just a follow up to my first question: another good topic might be: Which player to you model yourself after in your own mind during pick up games? Even though I'm short and slow, I think I fantasize most about being kind of a 6'7 Pippen/Eddie Jones GF type, 13/10/10 sort of player. I'd like to know who the sponsors and readers of this site emulate in their imaginations. I have a feeling with Jeff it's Jason Kidd, but maybe there's some surprise answers